March 12, 2005

Saturday March 12, 2005



Hehehe, I went to Disneyland with Melissa, Will, Nicole and Nathan today. Mainly because Jason was off to San Diego for Sam’s wedding and I didn’t want to be alone…so I joined Melissa and co. We bought the 2fer deal so I’m sure there’ll be a post about California Adventures soon. :) Yea, Disneyland just isn’t as “magical” as it use to be. Overpriced tickets and the overcrowded areas just makes it unmagical…that and the fact that the rides aren’t as fast and exciting as they use to be when we were much younger and the world seemed so much more simpler and bigger…but I made the best of that trip by acting silly and everything.

Anyway, we woke up at the crack of dawn (well almost) and got to Disneyland just as they opened. Man were there a lot of people there at 8 in the morning -_-. Anyway, we had hoped to go on Indiana Jones first but because the ride was experiencing technical difficulties, we just got a fast pass and went on the Pirates of the Carribean and Haunted Mansion first.

You know…for some reason Pirates wasn’t as scary to me as it use to be. In fact, the talking skull they had at the beginning before the drop is waaaaay dinkier than I remembered. Apparantly (according to Meems) it DID use to be big but they remodeled it and made it to this dinky thing. Anyway, Nicole and I were ride buddies most of the day there. We were sitting in the row behind Melissa, Will and Nathan on Pirates and Nicole and I were so bad. ;) We kept talking about how dark the place was and how scary it seems and then we did ghost noise. Melissa had to turn around and tell us to stop doing that because we were making Nathan scared. Hehe :)

Haunted Mansion is the same thing…except I’m proud to say that I sat through most of the ride without freaking out and covering my eyes from fear. Yes, yes, yes…I’m a big scaredy cat and I’ve never been able to go on that ride without covering my eyes. Having Nicole there helped though since we kept talking about some of the ways they did the effects in the ride. The one part that did startle me was the graveyard. The freaking ghost heads that popped out of the graves startled me a lot -_- but I still made it through the ride! Yay!

After that ride, we went to Indiana Jones. I sat with Nicole in the first row and boy did we have fun! That ride is sooooo much fun when you get into it…and I mean really get into it. The entire ride, I was over-exaggerating my reactions to things. When we were being thrown around in that jeep, you’d hear me cry out “my life is flashing before my eyes! Help me! help me! AHHHH!!!” or like when we were in the room with the “darts”…you’d here me go “I’ve been shot! I’ve been shot! Someone save meeeeeeee!!!!” Hehehe, I did that so much that Nicole ended up laughing through the entire ride.

After Indiana Jones, we went to the new ride which I think was the Buzz Lightyear one. That one is pretty fun since you get to shoot lasers at these targets in the ride. I really sucked at that game though….but Nicole kicked butt! Our team got the 5th highest score for the time we were there and it’s all because she had a really high score! Hehe, I’ll put up a picture here soon :)

Then after that we went to the Mattahorn. Yea, Mattahorn is another ride that doesn’t seem as fast as I remembered it to be. Hehe, on that ride, I started screaming before it even went into the mountain…hehehe. Also, everytime a yeti shows up, I’d scream “Oh no! I’m going to get eaten!” Yea, the over-exaggerating reactions were back for this ride :) Hehe even after the ride had ended, I was still screaming :) Hehe, yea, Nicole got a kick out of that ride too :)

We had lunch at this one place in Disneyland. Everything there is so expensive and yucky :P By the time we were done with lunch, it was already noonish and the park was pack (and I mean PACKED!) with people. We ended up going on the slower rides like Snow Whites “Scary” Adventure (which by the way doesn’t show you what happens to Snow White in the end…heck, they only had her in one of the scenes!), Pinocchio’s Dangerous Adverture (the guy maning that ride had earplugs on because the song that kept playing can get annoying if you’re there for looooong periods of time), and then we went on Alice in Wonderland (which by the way isn’t at all as fast or scary as I remembered it to be). I believe those were all the rides we went on since half the park was closed in preparation for their 50th anniversay celebration….that and the fact that the massive crowds of people were everywhere and Nathan didn’t want to wait in lines anymore…and Will was having headaches from riding on the Mattahorn.

Hehe, one funny thing during our outing was that Melissa and Will felt more like the mom and dad while, Nathan, Nicole and I were the kids. At one point during out visit, we all wanted ice cream, so us “kids” bought the ice cream cookie. After we ate them, I guess we must have not wiped out mouths as well because Melissa took some napkins and wiped our mouths clean :) hehe, it was funny.

Yea, it was a good day. Pictures will be up once Nicole puts it up on her xanga :)

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