November 14, 2009

Mmmm, cupcakes

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Today, Jason, Ellie and I went to festival held at the International School of Sacred Heart over in Hiroo.  We actually found out about it from Jason’s boss.

The festival itself was pretty similar to TIS’s Cherry blossom festival that’s held in April.  There were lots of international food booths as well as activities and performances.  One noticeable difference is that there are more booze being sold.

You have your hard liquor here.


And you can’t forget the kegs of beer here!


The campus of the school is huge!  Of course it also houses the university and I think the high school so it makes sense that it’s such a large campus.


Just like the Cherry blossom festival, they got lucky with the weather since it was raining pretty hard earlier that day.  By the time we went, the sun was out and though it was a tad chilly, the weather stayed nice.

Because we got there during lunchtime, we decided to have lunch there.  Of all the places, Chinese food sounded good so we got some Chinese food.


The scallion pancake could have been better but the radish cakes were the best!  I haven’t had anything this authentic in Japan in a while!  The noodles were not too bad but the taste of the radish cakes beats it.

Ellie was a little out of it so she didn’t fuss too much when we didn’t feed her any of this.  Plus I don’t think she was that interested in the food.


Now, the best part of the festival was the booth with the cupcakes.  Technically there were several booths with cupcakes but the American booth had cupcakes that were only 1 ticket each (equivalent to 100 yen each) whereas the other booths were selling them for 2 tickets.  For 1 ticket a cupcake, it was just too good to pass up.

So Jason and I each got a cupcake.


THEY WERE THE BEST CUPCAKES WE’VE HAD IN A LONG TIME!!!  (well, not counting the ones from my sister’s wedding but her’s tasted different in a good way)

The frosting tasted just like the ones we use to eat growing up.  You know the ones that came premade in those containers?  The ones that are so high in sugary goodness?  Both Jason and I were reliving our childhood days while eating these cupcakes because they tasted just like we remembered.

They were so good that we went back and got another cupcake each :)

And just because I can, I had to taunt E with my cupcakes.



Ah, aren’t I just a great candidate for mother-of-the-year?

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