March 21, 2010

Kapibara-san turns 5!


Tryworks, the creators of the hamsters we love so much, is celebrating it’s 5th anniversary this year by having their anniversary celebrations at various locations. Their 1st location was at the Lazona mall in Kawasaki, which is a good 20 minutes from where we live.

We knew it was going to be very crowded so we didn’t attempt to go there too early. Maybe if we didn’t E with us, we might have been crazy enough to do it but she’s not a big fan of waiting in line or being in very crowded places for long periods of time so we didn’t.

When we got to Kawasaki, the line that we saw astounded us. It turns out that the line was for the special stage event that took place later that day. We skipped that line and went to look at some of the stuff they had on display.


Since this is a big event, they created a new character called Iwai-san and his two twin helper hamsters. They’re the ones in the center of the photo. Iwai-san is the hamster god who pretty much does whatever he wants to get other hamsters to celebrate. You can look at more illustrations of him at the special page Tryworks created.

They also had ufo catchers with the limited edition Iwai-san hamster. Obviously we had to get one to add to our collection. Meet Iwai-san…


Jason won him in 2 tries :)

I just had to take photos of the line that was for the event. You can see it here after the jump…

*Warning, lots of pictures ahead*









And people say that we’re the crazy ones…

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