August 27, 2014

Summer Shenanigans – Legoland

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This summer, one of the things I really wanted to do was spend a bit more solo time with E since I know it’s been hard on her ever since K became more possessive of me.

So I put K into daycare a few more days every month so that I can go out and do things with E without constantly getting distracted by her baby sister.


One of the things E really wanted to do with our mommy-and-me time was to go to the Lego Discovery Center in Odaiba.

Prior to this summer, we went at most twice since we didn’t like being in the crowd and it’s always trickier to go with both girls since E and K play in different areas. But with K in daycare, E and I went quite often. (I lost count of how many times we went!) I even got us annual passes which we quickly made good use of.

It’s a pretty great place despite the fact that it’s not very big and definitely not as impressive as Legoland in San Diego. Legoland in San Diego is an amusement park while the one in Odaiba is more like an indoor play space.



It’s good for us though since I can take E there and let her run loose and play without worrying about her too much. I do keep an eye on her when she moves from one area to the next so it’s not like I am unaware of where she is.




The Lego Discovery Center is pretty fun since they do have some small rides, a 4D theater, a giant play area for kids to climb around and slide, and several areas for kids to play with Legos. They even have a small cafeteria area, though I find them a bit expensive for food that is a little subpar. I usually get E to eat before going and then we eat again after we leave.








E loves this place a lot even though I’ve lost interest in going a while back but since we go because she wants to, I don’t mind so much. They also have a Lego shop at the exit, which I have unfortunately been unable to avoid purchasing Lego kits every time we went. It’s my own fault since I want to buy Legos to play with just as much as E does and it seems easier for me to let her buy her own set than to let her play with mine.

Yes, I should set an example and share but I don’t really want to :)

One other nice thing about Legoland is that after you leave and take the elevator down, there is a Baskin Robbins right by the exit of the building. We both love Baskin Robbins so we always make a pit stop for some ice cream before heading home with our new toys.


The fun doesn’t stop there for us since E and I spend the hour or two after getting home building our new Legos and playing with them before K comes home from daycare with Jason.


It’s a weird way to spend time together for some parents but I’m happy to share my love of Legos with E :)


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  • Reply Amber August 28, 2014 at 11:34 pm

    Oh that last picture is adorable, the lego flowers and the peace symbols. This is such a good thing for me to know/remember as our 2 get older. Looks like you guys had a great day!

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