March 26, 2015

And Another Chapter Closes

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This week was E’s last week at her school. We ended our time here by taking part in the annual school science fair and the spring picnic.

First was the science fair, which happened earlier this week. This year, E’s class did a presentation on their class turtle, Alex. It wasn’t as exciting as last year since the kids didn’t actually do any science experiments but they did well talking about the turtle as a group.


Like last year, E and I did a science experiment after the kids’ presentations. This year, we did the coloring milk experiment. The kids loved it when the dish soap reacted with the milk causing the food coloring to effervesce.


It’s a pretty cool experiment and fairly easy to do at home as long as you have milk, food coloring, and dish soap.

Science fair is definitely one of my favorite school events because science is fun. :)


The school’s annual spring picnic was today. It was a great way for families to get together and have a picnic before the start of spring vacation. The timing is also good for kids who are leaving the school to attend elementary at the beginning of April since it gives us a chance to say farewell to teachers and other friends in the school.


So today, E said goodbye to some of her favorite teachers and to a lot of her friends. It was nice reminiscing with her teachers and talking about how much she has grown from when she first started the school 3 years ago.


It’s really hard to imagine how when she first started, she wouldn’t speak a word of English, would cry every morning, and was incredibly shy and a big introvert. She’s still really shy when put on the spot, but her English is amazing and she is a lot braver and a bit more social than she was 3 years ago. Sometimes, I find it hard to believe that it’s already been 3 years.

Time really does feel like it goes by fast when you have young kids.


It’s not just E who has come a long way since we started at her kindergarten. I feel like I’ve also come a long way myself. My first year at the school was a rough year since I was pregnant and working so I didn’t get a chance to hang out with many moms. Then, K was born and I was essentially missing in action the rest of the year.

At the first spring picnic 3 years ago, I was mostly alone with E and K. I was lucky that Yukie and Yaeko invited me to sit with them at the picnic and even offered to help me with K while I ran after E. I had really thought that I was going to spend the rest of E’s time at this school on my own.

(Jason taking E to school for the last time since her new school is incredibly close to our apartment and he won’t need to take her on the bike anymore.)

But our second year at the school changed everything because I met Satoko, who had just moved back from Shanghai. She was really friendly and outgoing and before you knew it, we formed a small group with a few other moms, including Sarah Jane, Yukie, and Kanako. Since then, I’ve come to know a few other moms really well. So this year, I didn’t feel lonely or left out at the picnic like I was that first year.

And I have to say, having friends and not having to be alone is a wonderful feeling. It’s part of the reason why I am glad E will have a few friends attending the same school as her when April rolls around. I do truly hope that she will make new friends too.

One other thing that I truly appreciate about having friends at E’s school is that I know when we said our goodbyes today, it wasn’t really a “goodbye forever” but more like a “goodbye, I’ll see you next week”. It meant that our friendship, between our kids and between the parents, is real and not just something temporary and would disappear the second we stop attending the school.

I know I get sentimental over everything but today, I feel really grateful for the time we spent at E’s school and for all the people we’ve met these past 3 years. I hope that we will continue to meet new people and make new friends while keeping in contact with those we don’t see as often anymore.

(Jason climbed a tree to help the kids get a ball that was stuck. He became a hero with the kids afterwards.)

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