March 4, 2015

E is 6!

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Can you believe that 6 years ago, E was this tiny? (She’s technically a month old here)


This little baby who changed Jason and my world forever turns 6 today.



Sometimes I can’t believe how quickly time has passed. She’s grown so much these past few years and is very much an explorer of her own world. She’s full of curiosity and is always observing the world around her and questions things she sees. Her imagination is so vivid and amazing and she is so articulate when she describes them to me.


She’s also very shy and hates being at the center of attention but isnt so much of a loner as she once was. It’s really interesting to see her when she’s with friends and how she interacts with them.

She’s also a little chatterbox. This kid can talk a lot and for long stretches of time if she has a lot to say. In fact, she always has something to say about anything and everything. But we’ve also had a lot of nice, meaningful conversations that I treasure.

I seriously cannot believe she is ours and I feel so very lucky to be her mom.

Happy birthday My little chatterbox!

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  • Reply sj March 5, 2015 at 11:47 pm

    so sweet… they do grow up fast.

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