May 16, 2015


Parenthood, Photography


“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015.”

I went to Ikea and picked up one of these easels for my kids to draw and paint on. They love it. Only problem is that K has started drawing outside of the paper and onto the frame of the easel as well as the table behind her… E is also a bit picky about what gets drawn on her side and refuses to erase anything to draw new things.

It’s sad but I have 3 other posts started but when it came time to sit and write, the words do not come. All I have are pictures (some in need of editing). I think the longer I wait to post those, the sillier it feels to put them up. It’s always the problem I face when it comes to blogging.

For now, I’ll just post this one up because my arms feel so sore from yoga on Friday…

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