November 24, 2016

Here and Back Again

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Funny how I posted back in March but then everything went silent again.

Yea, I do that a lot these days.

To be honest, I was ready to toss in the towel with the blog. Social media is so popular and easy to use these days that I find myself posting a lot on Facebook and on Instagram. In fact, I have three instagram accounts. THREE!! I can barely keep up with those so it’s no surprise I can keep up with everything.

However, last night Jason was looking through the blog to show E some pictures from when she was younger. He ended up going through a lot of the old posts and mentioned to me how he misses reading my blog. So I thought about it and decided that maybe I should start writing again.

Time is always an issue with me since I’m always doing something and don’t have the time to edit photos and write coherent blog posts. At the same time, I think the blog has changed a lot over time. It was much simpler back then when I just wrote for us and didn’t try to get all creative and artsy with my photos. Over time I think I tried to do too much and it just burned me out.

So maybe I should just go back to the basics and just tell the story of our lives in Tokyo. There’s always something going on in our lives that’s worth recording so it’s not quite time to give up on the blog yet.

If anything else, I want to do this for Jason and for the kids. They enjoy reading the blog (well, maybe not K since she can’t read yet).

So let’s give this a go once more!

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