November 25, 2016


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This is our third year of hosting Thanksgiving dinner. Unlike previous years where we hosted a Thanksgiving dinner for all our Japanese and European friends, this year we hosted Thanksgiving for E’s Girl Scouts of America troop.

It was our troops very first Thanksgiving since it was created a year ago. Everyone brought a dish and everything was incredibly delicious. Since everyone brought something to share, I only had to cook a few things instead of the entire dinner.


One mom read a book about the first Thanksgiving and about the pilgrims to the girls so that they could appreciate this holiday. To make this even more special, it was the first Thanksgiving in many years for some of our troop moms who have lived in Tokyo for many years. I can understand the nostalgia and the feelings of homesickness during the holidays so I was really happy we could host this special dinner for everyone.

Sometimes, I really miss being able to celebrate this holiday with my family. My family’s Thanksgiving is always a mish mash of food that ranged from Spaghetti in meat sauce to the traditional turkey to the red bean soup dessert my grandmother made every Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s always a strange variety at the dinner table but it was my family’s tradition so it was always special.

Of course, even if I were to be able to celebrate with my family again, it wouldn’t be the same since my grandmother is no longer here with us.

So now it’s up to me to start my own tradition while living thousands of miles away from the rest of our family. It’s why even though it’s a lot of work every year, I want to host a Thanksgiving dinner for our friends. That is my tradition.

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